It's free

Listing a space on Flatigo is totally free. We charge only a small commission of 5% from the conducted reservations. There is no risk!

Decide when you want to let a place.

When you get a reservation you can decide whether you want to accept or reject it. You are allowed to reject the reservation if you find the date inconvenient or the person unreliable.

Clearly defined conditions of booking

With a few simple forms, you can specify your own rules to provide nights. You decide the amount of deposit or required additional fees such as cleaning. Specify reservation policy and terms of possible resignation.

Easy communication with guests

The internal private messaging system allows you to communicate with potential guests easily, maintaining continuity of correspondence and insight to its full history at simultaneously. You do not need to receive hundreds of unnecessary phone inquiries.

Negotiate if you want

You have an opportunity to offer a special price or other reservation date.

Security of transactions

We do our best to ensure mutual security when booking. With verification of contact details (email, phone), and profile photos you have an opportunity to get to know your potential guest.

Payment guarantee

Payment of 100% of the agreed amount constitutes the confirmation of the booking. Money will be transfered to you within 24 hours after check-in . You do not have to worry about being cheated by someone who wants to avoid paying for the night.

Integration with social networking websites

You can connect your Facebook account to increase credibility and promote your place in global community.

Unlimited range of action

With various language versions your site will be accessible to people from around the world. Translation tools and our consultants' support can help you communicate with foreign tourists.

A trusted opinion system

After you check out the guest you have the opportunity to publish an opinion about him, and he may add a review of your space. It helps you build your own reputation.

Help Center and our support

Remember that Help Center is at your disposal at any time. You can find answers to frequently asked questions. You can also contact us by e-mail and telephone.