How to sing up on Flatigo?

Registration on Flatigo is free. The fastest way to to do this is by connecting to an account on Facebook. This will allow you to fill in your profile automatically and facilitate data verification. If you do not have or do not want to use Facebook, you can create an account using your e-mail address.

How to list a place?

  1. Create your own profile

    Complete your personal details and add a profile photo. You will gain the trust of other members by making data verification.

  2. List a place

    Click on "List a place" and fill in the form - enter the address and upload the pictures. Describe your place thoroughly to familiarize potential guest with your offer. You can update your calendar in order to receive the inquiry only if your place is available. Remember to establish a price list, taking into account the costs of cleaning or additional guests.

  3. Confirm reservations

    Respond to inquiries and reservations from potential visitors using the site messaging system. You will be informed of every message received by you immediately by e-mail. You can also set SMS notifications.
    Rate the guests who stay at your place. By sharing your opinion you will contribute to build trust in Flatigo community.

Who can list a space?

Everyone can offer a place to stay. The listing of space is free. The list of available places is diverse - you can add an apartment, the whole house, room, a caravan or a yacht. There is freedom of choice of the type of accommodation.

What places travelers can share?

We do not impose any specific requirements as to the specificity of the place. Flatigo can either rent the whole house, separate apartments and single rooms, or even single beds, mattresses and even caravans or treehouses :-)
Number of places is inexhaustible, and actually depends on the capabilities and imagination of the host. The key question is to provide accommodation.

How much is the listing of a space?

The inclusion of the Flatigo is completely free and requires no additional charges.
We only charge a small commission of 5% of the bookings made for the costs related to this process (such as a transaction fees for payment transactions) .
For example, if an overnight stay at your place costs 200 PLN, and the guest books 2 nights, then you receive 380 PLN.
A person making the booking shall also bear a small transaction fee to cover the cost of the website and to ensure our support during reservation.

Why do I have to create my own profile?

We want both guests and hosts have their own profiles on our website. This will allow Flatigo community members to know each other better. It eliminates the necessity to send information about yourself each time. If a visitor contacts you, they will be able to simply click on your profile and learn more.
Travelers may require a full profile of the host prior to booking. Check the appropriate information in the profile of a potential guest to learn about their preferences.

What should my profile include?

A perfect profile includes your name, photo and some interesting information about you, e.g. your hobby. Profile gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, so try to make it interesting :-)
but you should not share your links to web sites to make sure that communication with the visitor will be held by Flatigo.
Information on verification, review and references will also be visible in your profile. This gives you the opportunity to build confidence. In the beginning, we suggest inviting your friends and family to post the references.

Do I have to supplement my profile?

Flatigo builds a community of trust. The users have the opportunity to meet in real life and share their impressions.
Completion of the profile is the key to gain trust as it authenticates the published opinions and allows you to introduce yourself, inter alia, by profile picture.
We want our community to be authentic and honest, as far as possible, so we want profile pictures to show faces. Potential visitors are much more willing to make reservations at places whose owners supplemented their profile, because it allows you to get to know each other and inspire trust.
In addition, as a host you can select that only verified users who have posted their profile photos can make a booking at your place.

How do we verify users?

Flatigo seeks to increase the reliability of its users. Each person using the website should confirm their contact details by using the available verification methods and upload their profile picture. If a user has not included enough information about themselves, there is always a possibility of contact them and ask for their completion. Another tool for building trust are published opinions and recommendations submitted by other users. A person making a booking can share their experiences from their stay and the host can add a comment about their guest.

What is the verifications process?

Verification helps you build confidence as a member of the Flatigo community since it allows to validate the information submitted by you.
First of all, verify your e-mail address and phone number. If you have a Facebook account, you can simplify this procedure.

Why should I verify the phone number?

Adding a verified phone number on Flatigo is important when calling on the reservation. Without your permission, this data will not be used for commercial or marketing purposes.

What should a properly added place include?

The presentation of your place affects the efficiency of obtaining the guests. Here are a few tips on how to increase the efficiency:

  • Add as many HD photographs
  • Describe your place at least in 150 words
  • Complete your profile
  • Give potential guests a chance to get to know you better by giving some information about yourself and adding a profile picture. Your smiling face will surely arouse interest and confidence of prospective visitor :-)
    Sometimes people like to live among people who have similar interests, therefore remember to write about your hobbies.

  • Ask friends for references
  • Reviews by your guests are the best way to increase reliability since they are first hand information. However, receiving such an opinion is possible only after the reservation so it is worth obtaining a reference from friends or family. You can easily invite them to post recommendations on the website.

  • Determine an adequate price
  • Try to update the calendar
  • Whenever possible, try to update your calendar with unavailable dates. This allows potential guests to know right away when they can book the place. In addition, calendar updates affect the growth of your position in the ranking.

    Can I include a cleaning fee?

    Yes, of course. In the edition of your place, you can set the fee for cleaning, which will be added to the sum of the reservation. You can also indicate at how many nights the fee applies.

    How do I include the fee for additional guests?

    When the number of people spending the night at your place affects the price of rent, you can include a charge for additional guests in your panel. This value will be added during the booking process according to the number of guests declared.

    Can I require a deposit from the guest?

    If you want to receive deposits from your guests, they should be informed earlier. The deposit is not charged by us at the moment of booking. Please collect it from the visitor during the check-in. However, remember to supplement the information in your panel as not to surprise the guest.

    Do I need to post pictures of the place?

    Description of the place, even if very detailed, will not present place as good as it can be shown in the photos. Therefore, we want you to add possibly most attractive photos. As long as the photos are not added by you, your offer will not be able to be activated on the site.

    How to make good photo of the place?

    First of all - take care of cleanliness. Clean and tidy place is definitely more attractive than the one in which there is confusion and mess.
    Secondly, pictures usually come out much better in the sunlight, but if there is too little sunlight, turn on the artificial lighting. Photos should be taken from the corner of the room to cover as much space as feasible. Photograph each room, building and surroundings to make a better perspective on the place and the area.
    Thirdly, shoot all the distinctive features of your space and additional equipment, such as fireplaces, balconies, garden, etc. This works better on imagination rather than textual description.

    How can I protect myself as a host?

    There are several possibilities to increase your security while letting your place:

  • Check the profile of a potential guest, opinions and testimonials concerning them. Check if their email and phone number are verified. If the profile is incomplete, you can always send a request to supplement prior to confirmation of booking.
  • Communicate by Flatigo to learn as much as possible about your guest and establish terms and conditions. If only you need more time to discuss the details, do not hesitate to reject the booking.
  • Set the required actions for the reservation. Users will not be able to send you messages or make reservations if they do not meet certain requirements such as phone number verification, posting photos or the trip aim specification. Define the rules governing at your place.
  • Add a requirement to pay a deposit. It will rotect you against any damage caused during the rental.
  • In case of any doubts do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help you.
  • Why should I communicate through Flatigo?

    The main reason for using Flatigo to make a booking is safety.
    Private rental accommodation can be dubious. At every step we try to minimize all risks, so it is important to carry out communication and transaction on Flatigo as a form of collateral.
    Through private messaging, secure payment system and easy contact with us, we want to ensure your safety and act when necessary
    In addition, only by accepting bookings by Flatigo you have an opportunity to publish and obtain feedback from users. In this way you build your reputation and affect the performance of your offer.
    We realize the cancellation policy chosen by you during the transaction. In the case of cancellation of the reservation by the prospective guest, we will give you a specific part of the amount resulting from the established conditions.
    However, the most basic reason why the reservation should be done on Flatigo is the requirement to adhere to the conditions prescribed in the terms of use.

    What should I do after receiving a booking?

    When a potential visitor sends you an inquiry for a reservation, you will receive an information by e-mail. Log in to the panel to see the details of the reservation and decide whether to confirm or reject it. You can also run SMS alerts on your cell phone.
    You have 24 hours to confirm or reject the reservation inquiry. After this time the reservation is automatically cancelled. But remember that you never have an obligation to accept a reservation if the dates are not available, or there is anything you do not accept.
    Booking rejection carries no consequences, but lack of response within 24 hours will have a negative impact on your ranking.

    When can I confirm my reservation?

    You have an opportunity to decide to confirm a reservation if it meets your expectations and the chosen term is convenient for you. After a reservation your calendar will be automatically updated.

    How do I discuss the details of reservation with a guest?

    If you want to know something more about your potential guest before confirmation, you can use "Reply" option and send a message to them. Remember that you are supposed to decide whether accept reservation or not within 24h.

    How much time do I have to accept or reject a reservation?

    You have 24h to confirm or reject a reservation.
    It is very vital for the guests to receive a quick reply even if the reservation is not possible. Although sometimes you may want to settle further details of the reservation, you still need to decide on its acceptance or rejection within 24 hours before it expires.

    What should I ask a guest before a reservation?

    When you receive the reservation, you have an opportunity to contact a potential guest using private messages on Flatigo. Before you decide to confirm a reservation you can ask whatever you want, for example: how many guests are going to arrive, who are they, what is the aim of their journey and other details of reservation.
    Remember to communicate using Flatigo, because that's the only way to protect the whole transaction.

    What should I do when guest's profile is incomplete?

    If you receive a inquiry from a person whose profile is incomplete or with no profile picture, you can always ask them to complete information before your decision. You can also alter you profile settings, restricting contact to only to those who have verified data.

    Why can't I directly contact the potential visitor?

    We understand that you want to communicate with your potential guest before confirmation, so we created a convenient messaging system on Flatigo for you. Guests may contact you by sending a message on the website and you can settle the details before you book.
    All communication between you and the guests must take place by Flatigo until the booking is confirmed for security and privacy reasons and to preserve the terms of use.
    Just after confirmation, we will provide you full contact details of the guest, and they will also receive a direct contact to you. Still, we suggest to communicate through our messaging system, in order to maintain the continuity of all correspondence and insight into its history.

    Why do I have to pay using Flatigo?

    Our payment system is to provide convenient and first of all completely safe transaction. We keep the full amount paid by you at the moment of booking. By communication and conducting the transaction by Flatigo, you act in accordance with the terms of use, and you can be sure that you will not be cheated.
    The main advantage of using Flatigo for the person making a booking is that the payment is transfered to the host not until 24 hours after check-in. It constitutes a guarantee and protection until the guest arrives at the place.
    You can rely on our consultants' support at any time.

    What is a transaction fee?

    A transaction fee in the amount of 6-10% of the total amount of the reservation is charged from the guest. The higher the amount, the lower the percentage of the fee.
    Transaction fee is meant to cover the cost of the website and provision of services and allows us to offer high quality support for consultants during the implementation of the reservation, responding to the emerging problems.
    The amount of the transaction fee is calculated on the basis of the selected date and number of guests. The amount is presented in the summary of the booking.

    How do I receive money from the booking?

    Money from the booking will be transfered to you 24 hours after check-in of your guest.
    In the panel you can set the method of payment, giving the number of your bank account or set up a Paypal if you have an account in this system.
    For many reasons, it is not possible to change the method for previous payments to keep an accurate history of the settlement operations.

    Can I cancel a reservation previously adopted?

    We strongly encourage you to try all other options, because forcing travelers to change their plans is a great inconvenience for them. This situation adversely affects the reputation of you and our service. If you have no choice, please follow our recommendations.
    In the first instance contact the person booking the room and tell them that you have to cancel the reservation. Then please contact us. Try to make contact with other landlords in your area to check the possibility to locate your guest.
    If you find an alternative, and the person making the booking agrees, please contact us. If this is not possible, we will refund the money to the person making the reservation.
    To cancel a reservation, log into your control panel and take advantage of this option.

    What happens when the traveler cancels a reservation?

    According to your chosen policy cancellation to the person making the reservation we will refund the money minus fees. Remember that the confirmation email (even if in the meantime, change your terms and conditions) will follow the policy of choice at the time of the transaction. Following a request for a reservation you have no influence on the policies adopted for the cancellation.

    What are the cancellation policy options?

    You can choose one of three conditions for Cancellation

  • flexible - in case of cancellation up to 24 hours before check-in guests will receive a full refund
  • balanced - in case of cancellation up to 5 days before check guest will receive a full refund
  • rigorous - in case of cancellation up to 7 days before check-in guests will receive a refund of 50% of the amount.
  • In any case, are deducted from transaction fees collected when booking.

    How can I receive an opinion.

    All the guests after their stay will automatically receive a request to share their opinion about your accommodation. You can also directly ask the guest to issue an opinion.

    Can I delete a received opinion?

    We are committed to build a community that has nothing to hide. Therefore, we want published opinions to be credible and sincere. When you issue an opinion, it cannot be removed.
    Do not worry about negative feedback - users take into account all the comments placed on your account. If you receive a negative review, draw conclusions and try to correct your mistakes.
    As a guest remember to observe the rules governing at the place where you stay. As a landlord try to help your guest feel good to make their stay enjoyable and unforgettable.

    Why don't I receive any e-mail from Flatigo?

    The first step is to verify your email address in the account settings.
    Sometimes mail servers may mark emails as spam by mistake. Therefore, make sure that our messages are not accidentally placed in the spam folder.
    You can avoid such a situation by ticking off the messages and adding our email addresses to your address book.

    How to get more information from the host?

    If after reading the detailed description of the offer along with its rules, you want to know more, you can contact the host by Flatigo message system. Just click on "Contact Me" in the profile of the user.
    You can ask the host about any detail of the offer. But remember that all communication and transactions must be carried out on Flatigo.
    If you wait too long for the host's answer, you can send messages to other hosts to become familiar with their offers.

    What to ask a host before booking?

    Use the messaging system on Flatigo to communicate with the host and discuss the details of the reservation.
    You can ask about all the things you want. Find out about the rules for using available facilities in the given location and learn more about the host.
    Some hosts have not supplemented their profiles. You can ask them to give more information about themselves or post a profile picture.

    How to care for your safety?

    Flatigo team do their best to make the booking process fully secure. You should also do your best to deprive your stay of possible troubles and disappointments.

    • Learn as much as you can about the prospective host. Read their profile and opinions. Check also if their data have been verified. If the profile is incomplete, do not hesitate to ask for further information.
    • Read all the details of the offer carefully. Make sure that all descriptions, rules and facilities are clear for you. Read the cancellation policy thoroughly in case you need to cancel your stay.
    • Contact with the host prior to make a booking using the message system on Flatigo. Ask for explanation of any doubts and make sure about the availability of the term and price.
    • Take advantage of the extra insurance. Consider buying a policy dedicated to the travelers. Travel Insurance can protect you against unfortunate events such as loss of luggage or transport problems.
    • Use our help. Feel free to contact us at any time, We'll help you solve any problems.

    Why does the price on the booking site differ from the one in the search list?

    Sometimes the offer price specified in the search list may differ from the one on the reservation. It depends on the selected search criteria. The more details (date, number of guests) you specify, the price list will be the most similar. The final price may depend on many factors and additional fees (eg for cleaning). Detailed information about the price is placed directly on the offer site.
    Transaction fee charged by Flatigo is added on the booking page and is visible on the offer after specifying the criteria.

    How and when do I pay for my reservation?

    We provide a secure system that supports multiple payment methods. When booking, the full amount will be paid . When the reservation has been confirmed by the host, the money is stored until your stay. If the reservation has not been accepted or it has been rejected by the host, then we immediately refund you the total amount that was collected from you to the account used during the transaction.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    Payments are handled by eCard system that provides the following methods of payment:

  • payment card / credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro)
  • via PayPal
  • wire transfer (about 30 Polish banks)
  • How can I redeem a promotional coupon?

    On the booking site in part for the payment, you can enter your coupon code. Once approved, the value of the coupon will automatically reduce the cost of the reservation. If your code is incorrect, please contact us.

    How long do I wait for the confirmation of the reservation?

    Hosts have 24 hours to finally accept or reject the reservation, although it usually takes less time. Each time you will be informed of the decision of the host by e-mail.

    How to cancel the reservation?

    If you made the decision to book too hastily , and it has not been approved by the host, you can withdraw it. To do this, go to "My Bookings" section of your account and choose the proper option. If the option to withdraw your reservation is not available, it is possible that it has already been confirmed, rejected by the host or it may have expired.
    The reservation which has not been confirmed yet is only charged a transaction fee. If your reservation has already been confirmed, try to make changes or cancel it.

    Why is it impossible to contact with the host directly?

    The main reason why it is worth using Flatigo booking system is safety. Private rental of accommodation can raise uncertainty. At every step we try to minimize this risk, therefore, it is important to carry out communication and transaction through Flatigo as a form of collateral.
    Through private messaging, integrated payment system and easy contact with us, we want to ensure your safety and act when necessary.
    In addition, only by realizing your reservation by Flatigo you have the opportunity to publish and obtain feedback from users. In this way you build your reputation and affect the performance of their offer.
    However, the most basic reason why the reservation should be made on Flatigo is the requirement to observe the rules included in the terms of use of the website.

    About the check-in and handing over the keys

    After confirmation you will receive the host's data tath will allow you to contact them directly. Then you can determine all the details concerning accommodation and handing over the keys. We suggest further use of the system messages on Flatigo as to record all communication with the host in the archive.
    You do not need to send us a message when you arrive. We assume that no contact means that everything is in order. If you do encounter any problems, please contact us immediately.

    What to do when after arrival there is something inconsistent with the description?

    If after check-in you find that accommodation is very different from ads shown on the site, please contact us within 24 hours of your arrival in order to submit a complaint.
    Remember to tell the landlord about what you believe does not conform to the agreement. Allow the landlord to remove the identified drawbacks.
    In the event of a complaint be sure to document it in detail as possible (preferably in photographs or film), we can help you find the optimal solution.

    What to do if the landlord asks for extra payment?

    Sometimes hosts require a security deposit (the deposit) or additional charges related to taxes paid during your stay. Such charges must be clearly specified in the description of the offer. In the case of absence of information about such fees, when the reservation is confirmed, no extra charges can be added.
    If the landlord wants to collect any extra charges that were not specified in the description of the offer, please contact us to clarify the situation.

    How to cancel the reservation?

    Before you decide to cancel your reservation, try all the other ways to solve this situation. You can ask for changing the terms of booking - for this purpose please contact the host.
    If you have no other choice, run the cancellation. But remember the cancellation policy, which is described by the host. We will refund the money to your account immediately after deduction of fees and commissions.

    What are the rules for writing reviews?

    Reviews system gives you an opportunity to share you experiences with other members of Flatigo. This enhances the transparency of the service, helping others make a decision, planning the trip or getting useful information
    While deciding to write a negative feedback, remember that it must be objective and contain true facts about your stay.
    Flatigo reserves the right to remove reviews if they violate the terms of use.